Industries redefined

Your Data-Powered Transformation Journey

With two decades of immersive experience, Neodata has been the cornerstone of transformation for diverse industries, catalyzing success through optimized processes. As the driving force behind the lifeforce of your Data, we continue to hone our skills and elevate our technological prowess, ensuring your business thrives in this dynamic era of innovation. 

Transportation & Travel:
Redefining the Customer Experience 

Nowadays allowing people to move from one place to another is mainly a commodity. What makes the difference, aside from the price, is the kind of experience offered to the traveller.

Energy: Empowering
Sustainable Energy Solutions

Generating and distributing energy is a complex process that includes many activities: from marketing and sales to boureaucracy aspects, to managing the supply chain to customer care, and installation project.

Data is the oil to control, handle and optimize each of these aspects. A well-digitized process is as important as to install wind turbines or solar panels.

Our Neodata framework is tailored to create a seamless digital infrastructure that offers an interconnected view of the entire energy ecosystem. By leveraging this comprehensive digital framework, you can effectively monitor sustainability metrics and minimize the ecological footprint of your operations.

eCommerce and Retails:
Personalized Journeys, Amplified Sales

In the ever-evolving world of eCommerce and retail, the customer journey is a fusion of digital and physical experiences.

Knowledge-based Enterprises:
Empowering Intellectual Asset

Knowledge-based enterprises derive the most value—from intellectual rather than physical assets. What is crucial for business success are competences, skills, continuous learning, human capital and intellectual property.

Media & Entertainment:
Unleashing the Power of Data Lakes

In the realm of media and entertainment, Data serves as the key to unlocking actionable insights.

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