The DataLake for Mediaset’s Data-Driven Strategy

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Tell me about your data infrastructure, and I’ll tell you who you are! Despite the poor joke, a company that wants to be genuinely data-driven starts with a data infrastructure that allows for easy and efficient storage and retrieval.

Over time, various phases and philosophies have been adopted: the Datawarehouse, the DataLake, and now the new trend of the Data Lakehouse. However, the common thread remains the focus on data as the foundation for business processes.

To this end, in this blog article, we will recount a virtuous example of such an approach, a collaboration story with Neodata that has lasted almost 10 years: Mediaset, one of the leading companies in the Italian landscape.

A Long-Standing Partnership

The story between Mediaset and Neodata Group dates back to 2015. At that time, Mediaset began to daily store user behavior information from the PayTV decoder. The company thus found itself with hundreds of thousands of data points, but what to do with them? The collaboration with the Neodata team began precisely to answer this question: how to fully exploit the information?

Unlocking the Potential of User Data

From an initial phase of analysis of the situation and the collected data, it emerged that the user behavior information could be enhanced if integrated with the information about the programs airing on Mediaset channels.

From this work, it was possible to start building very precise viewing profiles of a household family that contained both specific information about television program preferences and descriptive information about behaviors that could be associated with socio-demographic clusters. In total, about 250,000 decoders were profiled.

Integrating Diverse Data Sources

The methodology used allowed for the integration and management of increasingly large volumes of data, including Auditel data already possessed by Mediaset, from which it was possible to build audience profiles based on Auditel concentration indices. This project allowed for the estimation of audience and share data in real-time without having to wait, as was previously the case, until the following day.

The Smart TVs shift

Until this point, data collection and audience estimates were limited to premium users. With the advent of Smart TVs, the numbers soared: in the last three months of 2020, 6.5 million unique devices were tracked. Smart TVs have an incredibly greater diffusion compared to the decoder. The project also allowed for the integration of internet data with TV data, defining the new concept of Total Audience composed of web users, Connected TV users, and linear TV users.

Crafting the Corporate Data Lake

At this point, the need arose to integrate all of the company’s data. Adopting the Data Lake methodology, built on very advanced technology, allowed Mediaset to integrate all company data into one place. The structure of the Data Lake, which has been refined over the years, standardizes the data to be easily usable and activatable on other external platforms.

Tangible Benefits: the real-time Revolution

The Data Lake allowed Mediaset and its “sister” Publitalia80 to access data – such as Auditel audience and share data – in real-time without having to wait for hours or the next day. The result is not a technical detail but means greater dynamism in operations and business, a speed that allows making a difference through rapid decisions guided by measured reality through data.


Regardless of the chosen technology, the platform and architecture for organizing corporate data is one of the pillars on which to build present operations and future strategy. Data is the lifeblood for many processes and to seize the opportunities of AI.

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