AI-Powered Solutions
for Mobility and Transport

Manage your mobility and transport systems with AI.

Mobility and transport encompass a wide array of challenges, offering numerous opportunities for AI to enhance the planning and ongoing improvement of various elements, such as optimizing networks (routes, schedules, vehicles), enhancing service quality, boosting revenue, and addressing other commercial aspects.

The power of AI in Mobility and Transport 

Means of transport are like the sensors of our urban environment, continuously generating data that helps us understand and detect activities, ultimately enhancing our daily lives. 

Urban transportation is a complex system with non-linear relationships and unpredictable cause-and-effect dynamics. Any action that alters the system can generate unforeseen effects on other factors, which need to be anticipated and considered in advance. This is where the great value of scenario simulation lies.

Our Neodata solutions are designed to create a seamless digital infrastructure that provides an interconnected view of the entire mobility ecosystem. By leveraging this comprehensive digital framework, you can effectively monitor and improve various aspects of urban mobility. The added value of using Artificial Intelligence in this context lies in its ability to simulate possible scenarios, identify corrective actions, and achieve improved or optimal situations.

Our Solutions

Our AI systems provide comprehensive, real-time insights into fleets, pedestrian activity, overcrowded routes, and road conditions. They assist in making route changes for fleet management and guide drivers on the best actions to take.

Our AI-enhanced systems use data on road conditions, weather patterns, events, and driver and passenger behavior to predict and anticipate potential scenarios. This enables proactive planning for maintenance activities and traffic management, ensuring smoother and more efficient operations.

Efficient management of routes and fleets reduces emissions, helping to achieve environmental sustainability goals. In addition our solutions also enable  to effectively communicate your results and gauge public reactions through sentiment analysis.

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