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Bring your data to life

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Embrace Artificial Intelligence and Explore the World of Data Intelligence 

The evolution towards AI represents a unique trajectory, reshaping your understanding of challenges and opportunities.

With extensive experience in collaborating on projects with renowned global brands, Neodata Group stands as the ideal co-pilot to navigate you through the unprecedented opportunities presented by AI. Our mission is to harness the power of intelligence in meticulously selecting the right datasets and unveiling essential insights. These insights extract intrinsic value, empowering your business to thrive.
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Learn how to extract value in order to adopt data-driven strategic choices.

Empowering Strategic Insights with AI 
Knowledge management is the ability to collect information about one or more topics, relate it to one another, and provide a more comprehensive view of the topics themselves. This understanding then becomes the cornerstone of shaping your company’s strategies. As trends, phenomena, and technologies swiftly evolve, the loss of vital information becomes an imminent threat. Empower your organization to become knowledge-driven, ensuring no crucial Data slips through the cracks.
Bridging Physical and Digital Worlds 
In the age of digitization, physical spaces like airports, stadiums, and stores can now be seamlessly integrated with digital assets. Our phygital solutions collect Data, enhance user experiences, and maximize profits in both the physical and digital realms, setting new standards in user engagement.
Making a Difference for a Better Planet
In the wake of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, businesses across the globe are redefining their models to align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). How does your corporate communication measure up in terms of sustainability, and how is it perceived by your audience? Cultivate credibility and make a meaningful contribution to a better, more sustainable planet.

Unlocking insights for Data-Driven Decisions 

In the relentless flow of business operations, your company generates a colossal volume of Data.
This Data, stemming from customer interactions, supplier engagements, production processes, and more, holds the potential to be an invaluable asset. Discover the art of mining this wealth of information to make precise, data-driven strategic decisions.

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Unleashing the power of data


Our Offerings and Expertise

With an illustrious history of reshaping the Italian advertising landscape, we are now poised to elevate the standards of Data consulting and bespoke projects. Neodata stands proudly as a founding partner of the trailblazing Blendee initiative, and we are set to replicate our triumphs in the realm of Data solutions.


Tailored Solutions Crafted for Your Success 

Our comprehensive suite of solutions is meticulously crafted on proprietary architectures, precisely tailored to the unique demands of each client.

Our Expertise at Your Service 

Envision your business objectives reaching new heights with our Consulting Team. Our experts seamlessly navigate the intricate realms of Data Science, Data Architecture, Data Engineering, Business, and Marketing, ensuring that every facet of your project is meticulously optimized for success.

Data Scientists, Data Architects and Data Engineers, but also Business and Marketing experts: our consulting team is able to talk about business objectives, as well as data and algorithms.

The power of data analysis

Harnessing the Potential of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence:

Our success stories are characterized by the meticulous collection, analysis, and real-time processing of vast datasets. This feat is made possible by our adept team of Data scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians, specialized in Artificial Intelligence and complex systems. They possess the expertise to model and derive actionable insights from Data, regardless of its scale. Additionally, our skilled architects and systems scientists excel in creating cutting-edge cloud architectures and software using technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Python, and Java/Scala. At Neodata, we fear no dataset; there is no Data too big for us to handle. 

NLP Mastery: Elevating Human-Computer Interaction:

Natural Language Processing is a branch of linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence that deals with the interaction between computers and human language, specifically with how to process and analyze large amounts of natural language Data. Through tools such as ElasticSearch, OpenSearch, Spark-NLP, and Kafka, we delve deep into language analysis, crafting unparalleled solutions for each client project. We back it all up with the ability to collect documents from all kinds of sources and create a User Experience that gives value to the results by facilitating the access to them.


About us

About Neodata Group: Pioneering Excellence in Data and Consulting 

Founded in 2003 with its groundbreaking ad server ad.agio, Neodata Group has embarked on a journey marked by continuous achievements and industry recognition. Our unwavering commitment to innovation has positioned us as leaders in the field of advertising technology. 

Our success story is adorned with notable accolades, including clinching the first place in the FIT Innovative Prize awarded by Italy in 2010 and earning recognition as one of the most innovative companies at the European level by PwC in 2013. Notably, ad.agio ascended to become the second-largest ad server in the Italian market in 2014.

In subsequent years, our trajectory of success expanded with the inauguration of the first independent Italian Data Management Platform (DMP), exaudi Audience Platform. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of our collaboration with esteemed clients such as Mediaset in 2016, Rai Pubblicità in 2021, and CairoRCS Media in 2022.

Our strategic alliances have played a vital role in shaping our journey. In 2018, Neodata Group became the exclusive technology partner of UPA, paving the way for collaborative ventures. Together, we created Nessie, a cutting-edge Data Lake in which Italy’s leading advertising companies actively participate.

As we entered 2023, our dedication to innovation led us to a pivotal moment. The advertising branch of our company, having matured significantly, ventured into new realms of achievement. Teaming up with Ad Spray and supported by the esteemed tech fund Blacksheep, Neodata Group co-founded Blendee, heralded as the first European Marketing Operating System.

Simultaneously, our consulting team embarked on an independent path into the realm of Data consulting. This evolution represents our commitment to exploring uncharted markets and implementing tailored solutions. Neodata Group has transformed into a dynamic Data Analysis hub, championing a consulting approach and pioneering innovative custom projects across diverse industries.

At Neodata Group, we stand at the forefront of innovation, offering unparalleled expertise in Data and consulting services. Partner with us to unlock a world of possibilities, where strategic solutions meet unparalleled excellence.

Our success lies in our ability to combine years of experience with cutting-edge technologies. Our expert team, comprising Data scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and AI specialists, ensures that no Data is too vast to handle. We employ Natural Language Processing tools like ElasticSearch, OpenSearch, and Spark-NLP to deliver tailored solutions for each client project, backed by a user experience that enhances accessibility and value.

At Neodata Group, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey with us. Let’s turn your Data into intelligence, your knowledge into strategy, and your sustainability efforts into meaningful contributions. Partner with us and experience the future of data-driven excellence.

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