AI Solutions
for Energy and Utilities

Manage your energy production, storage and consumption with AI

Energy usage poses a significant challenge for companies, particularly when it comes to precisely anticipating energy fluctuations. Managing properly energy resources is crucial today to reduce waste optimize resources and reduce costs.

Empowering AI Energy Solutions 

Finding the best way to utilize energy is about identifying the solution for a complex system with many parameters: self-produced energy, cost of energy per each hour per each day, usage of batteries, weather forecast, scheduling of activities consuming energy, and more. 

Generating and distributing energy is a complex process that includes many activities: from marketing and sales to boureaucracy aspects, to managing the supply chain to customer care, and installation project.

Our Neodata framework is tailored to create a seamless digital infrastructure that offers an interconnected view of the entire energy ecosystem. By leveraging this comprehensive digital framework, you can effectively monitor sustainability metrics and minimize the ecological footprint of your operations.

Our Solutions

With our solutions, you’ll gain precise insights into the energy output and production of your facilities. You’ll be able to identify which activities consume the most energy and receive AI-driven suggestions for optimizing activity flows, energy use, and storage. Additionally, our system allows you to monitor energy production in real-time. This comprehensive approach helps streamline your decision-making processes, ensuring efficient energy management and cost savings.

Using our algorithms, machine learning, deep learning models, and weather data, we accurately predict plant production and optimize energy consumption and storage systems. Our technology ensures efficient management and precise forecasting, enabling your facilities to operate at peak efficiency.

By collecting consumption and production data and using generative AI, we provide sustainability reporting solutions. Our technology helps you achieve your sustainability goals by offering precise insights and actionable recommendations for optimizing energy usage and reducing environmental impact.

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