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How web information analysis supports the communication strategy "Words matter"

Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane is among the largest Italian companies. It operates in the railway transport sector and local public transport, as well as freight transport, through various group companies such as Trenitalia, ANAS, Mercitalia Rail.
The new positioning of the brand places it at the forefront of the country’s transformation not only in railway transport but also in sustainable mobility, integrated logistics, urban fabric redevelopment, and much more. These are all themes with a direct impact on the daily lives of individuals and communities.
FS Group pays great attention and care to the words it uses when addressing the online audience and needs to monitor the language used on the web to discuss its operations. From this, one can understand the digital public’s perception of the company.

Towards the SDGs: Focus on Sustainability

Since 2015, United Nations member states have adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This has led large companies to align their business models with the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) established in the agenda.
SDGs represent fundamental parameters to verify, measure, and support a company’s commitment to sustainability.
The strategy and communication of FS Group are particularly oriented towards some of the 17 parameters. Monitoring the buzz — the way the web and social media associate a brand with principles — provides important feedback on the effectiveness of the actions taken.

2030 - 2050

AI makes sense of information, the dashboard makes it actionable.
Energy and Emission
Sustainable mobility
Neodata’s technological system combines AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing), along with textual classifiers and ad-hoc vocabularies. This allows the system to identify portions of text related to SDG themes, analyze them, and evaluate their sentiment (anger, joy, etc.). Moreover, the system identifies the most relevant topics, tracing them back to individual web sources. The end result is a dashboard with various levels and views that provides an immediate summary of the analyses, with easy and quick access to information that can be translated into actions for adjusting communication according to desired objectives. The dashboard also enables filtering, measurement, and observation of variations over time in the quantity and quality (sentiment) of buzz, highlighting different moments of discontinuity associated with specific events.

The communication of the industrial plan “Un tempo nuovo” has generated a peak in documents with a very positive sentiment. The most prominent SDGs (industry, innovation, infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities) are, of course, those at the core of the industrial plan. The same applies to the most used keywords in the buzz at that time.

Some numbers

The dashboard has been in experimental use by the Communication Department of the FS Group since the end of 2022, for which all 2 million documents (web pages and social media posts) have been processed. On average, the system receives 5,000 new inputs every day, of which 10-15% are related to SDG themes.

Neodata and Knowledge Management: Not Just SDGs

The SDGs are an example of insights that can be identified within the enormous amount of information and knowledge produced daily by media, social platforms, companies, universities, and other communities.

In recent months, Neodata Group has embarked on a new strategic path that uses Artificial Intelligence, as Natural Language Processing (NLP), to extract value and insights from informational content—both digital and corporate—so vast that they can only be utilized through a process of collection and synthesis.

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